Dec 24 2010

PET preform producing troubleshooting

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PET preform producing troubleshooting


Have you meet some problem during the PET perform producing? Such as PET preform is not transparent, Pet preform has bubble inside, PET preform could not fill well, PET preform have welding mark…
Following table list some defects of PET preform, you can check the reason for the defects, as well as the solution to solve the defect. Hope following information is helpful to you.




    Solution to solve the defect

The bottom of PET preform became white runner temperature is not high enough
2.Material temperature is not high enough  

1.strengthen heat insulation
2.increase the nozzle temperature
3.increase the material temperature appropriately
4.Speed up the injection speed
5.Reduce pressure maintaining
6.Reduce the speed of cooling water

Pet preform is not transparent

1.PET material didn’t adequately dried
2.PET material plasticizing insufficiently
3. preform thickness is too thick or cooling insufficiently
4.Other material have mixed to the PET material
5.PET material temp. is too low

1. dry the PET material more than 4 hours
2.Increase the PET material temp.
3.Speed up the screw speed
4.Check whether the drying gate is big enough or the injection weight is suitable. The material should be dry under 165 degree, and the moisture content should under 0.02%
5.Enhance the cooling water, reduce the wall thickness

The PET prefrom become transparent to opaque

 The mould temp. is too high when the product ejection

1.Enhance the cooling water

2.extend the cooling time
3.Adjust the inject time

Pet preform have haze on one side

1.pressure maintaining is too high
2.The gate hole is off centre

1.Reduce pressure
2.Improve PET perform mould

PET perform have silver streaks or become yellow

plastic decompose

1.Reduce the drying temp. and extend drying time
2.Adjust injection speed
3.Reduce the PET material temp.
4.Reduce the nozzle temp.

Pet preform have bubble

 PET material didn’t adequately dried

1.Enhance the dry of the PET material
2.Increase the PET material temp.
3.Reduce the screw speed

Preform have irregular groove inside

 water vapour exist in cavity and core

1.Enhance the drying for workshop
2.Increase the temp. of the cooling water.
3.Dry the mould

Cracks on the gate area

1.1. Hot Nozzle and mould gate is not in the same centre
2.Gate area have undercut
3.Gate area is too hot 

1.Improve the mould
2.Improve the gate
3.Extend the cooling time
4.Increase the injection speed or extend the injection time
5.Make good heat insulation

preform neck not fill well or welding mark

1.Air venting is not good
2.Eccentric injection gate

1.Increase the air vent
2.Clear the mould bush
3.Reduce the injection speed
4.Improve the gate hole

PET prefrom off centre

1.Poor mould tooling
2.Injection gate off centre
3.Injection pressure is too high
4.Mould core shifting

1.Improve the mould
2.Increase the material temp.
3.Reduce the injection pressure
4.It is better to use high-precision mould, or use the interchangeable core insert

Hollow on the perform surface

1.The temp. of PET is to high
2.Injection speed
3.pressure maintaining time is not enough
4.Injection time is too short
5. inadequate cooling

1.Reduce the material temp.
2.Reduce the injection speed.
3.Increase pressure maintaining
4.Extend the injection time
5.Increase the pressure for cooling water

Gate area have wiredrawing

1.Poor heat insulation
2.inadequate cooling
3.Machine screw valve is not good
4.pressure maintaining is too low

1.Make sure the gate have good heat insulation
2.Increase cooling
3.Clean the machine screw
4.Increase the pressure maintaining

Perform become bend after demolding

1.Injection gate off centre
2.Nouniform cooling

1.Improve the mould
2.Reduce the injection pressure
3.Increase the injection speed
4.Extend cooling time
5.Clean the water channel
6.Increase the pressure and volume of cooling water

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